Painting done in less than two minutes will make you freak out!

Speed ​​Painting is a category of art not so well known to the public, but one that is sure to leave anyone's mouth open. D. Westry is known as the fastest painter in the world, but he has gained fame by drawing attention on an American television channel.

At a Anderson Live talent board, D. Westry promised to do an incredible painting in less than two minutes. With the timer on, he started a job, which until the final moments seemed to have no definite shape.

Given the situation, the judges of the show comment on the drawing, thinking that the artist could not meet the deadline, but at the end of the video, Westry surprises by reversing the painting and showing the result.

On his official website, D. Westry shows several even more impressive works, but it is on the artist's YouTube channel that you can find videos showing in detail the rapid evolution of portraits such as those by Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.