'Military Pizza' can last up to 3 years without spoiling

One of the most popular foods in the United States is pizza - believe me, if they are already consumed on a large scale here, things reach unimaginable levels of consumption there. Virtually every American is in love with the round cheese-covered masses and this also extends to the United States military. But you must imagine that finding an open pizza place on battlefields is not easy.

For this reason, researchers in the US military are developing a pizza that can spend up to three years in storage without deterioration. That's right, without any problem related to bacteria buildup, even on a damp surface like cheese and sauces. But how could it be possible to keep something like this free from the action of microorganisms?

Image Source: Playback / AP

Scientists have used humectants made up of some gels and sugars - even bee honey is being tested. These materials would be responsible for maintaining the moisture of food by binding it to water. In the case of pizza, this would make the ingredients shielded from the action of bacteria. The acidity of the food would also be modified to make the environment less prone to bacteria.

As we have said, this would be responsible for leaving pizzas stored for up to three years without any damage. The Verge says: consumable and tasty are two different adjectives, but many of the researchers say the taste is very similar to that of a regular pizza. Still, it is not known when soldiers will be able to try the food.

Via Tecmundo