Advertising board offends Sao Paulo side during Audi Cup match

It's not easy for anyone. As if they no longer had to deal with the excitement and excitement of off-field fans, soccer players now have to put up with the insults of fans in text messages during matches.

At least that is what happened to defender Douglas from Sao Paulo in the match he played against Bayern Munich for the Audi Cup in Germany. A Brazilian fan, identified as @darkFabuloso, texted the hashtag #HelloAudiCup and had his text displayed on the advertising board in the middle of the game.

Unfortunately, the message the fan sent to the Audi Cup interaction service insulted the Sao Paulo player, but the people who selected the messages - we want to believe it! - did not understand Portuguese and committed the gaffe. See below for the electronic board.

Image Source: Playback / Interactive Sport

How would you feel reading such a message mid-match? Motivated to play better or willing to respond politely to the fans?