Playa del Amor: Discover the incredible beach hidden in a hole

Lush beaches abound around the world, but Playa del Amor is unlike anything you've ever seen! Located in Mexico, the place - which is also known as Escondida Beach - sits within a hole in the middle of the Marietas Islands in Puerto Vallarta, on the country's west coast.

Surrounded by a rare nature, the island has the presence of whales, dolphins and many other marine animals that complete the paradise scenery. To get to Playa del Amor, you have to travel a few kilometers with the help of a boat and pass through a narrow channel that leads directly to the amazing beach.

When you get there, the view of the vegetation joins the crystal clear waters and creates the perfect environment for those who like to be in contact with nature. Recently, images of the beach have been posted on different social networks and have made the search for the destination increase considerably.

Image Source: Playback / Panoramio

Learn how the beach formed

Interestingly, one of the most amazing places on the planet was formed from erosion, volcanic action and bombing in the region. This is because, as an uninhabited place, the Marietas Islands were chosen as a military training center. In this way, the Mexican government used the islands as bomb targets in the early 1900s, even before World War I.

Ventura Osorio, who is in charge of organizing sightseeing tours in Puerto Vallarta, explained to The Daily Mail: "Escondida Beach is believed to be the result of these factors combined with the erosion of rocks in the region due to local weather conditions."

Today, the Marietas Islands are nature reserves protected by the Mexican government. It is not possible to fish or explore the islands in any way and visitors need a permit to reach Escondida Beach.