Argentine police lose half a ton of pot and blame rats

Usually, drugs seized by police around the world are incinerated from time to time. But a bizarre case happened in Argentina: mysteriously, 540 kilograms of marijuana disappeared from a Pilar police station 60 kilometers from Buenos Aires. And the most unusual of all is that the police swear it was the mice that ate the drug!

This story began last year, when Commissioner Emilio Portero noted that the amount of marijuana in the police station's warehouse was less than the amount in the report. Of the 6 tons, only 5.46 tons were still there. For over half a ton - exactly 540 kg - they were gone.

Portero approached former industry officer Javier Specia, who had recently taken office, instead of Gabriel Schefer, to understand what was going on - with each change of responsibility, an inventory of everything the former manager had left was needed. in the deposit.


Seized marijuana is usually incinerated, but perhaps that of the Argentine deposit was burned otherwise

The case ended up in Argentine courts: Specia, Schefer and a third officer named Julio C├ęsar Torres claimed that the disappearance had been the fault of the mice, who would have eaten the pot from the warehouse! This obviously did not stick, with several evidence being touted to overturn this theory.

First, the amount was too large to be the fault of mice; Secondly, if that had happened, the deposit would have resulted in an absurd number of dead rats, and third that the statements were almost identical, giving the impression that they had been decorated by the three officers. Investigations are ongoing, and police continue their duties. The trial should take place in early May, if no rat eats the process, of course!

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