Michigan police hand out gadget that talks to drunkards while urinating

(Image source: Reproduction / Office of Highway Safety Planning)

According to The Detroit News, Michigan has taken innovative and unusual action to remind and guide drinkers that they should go home safely. State police distributes to a local 200 bars a mechanism placed in the urinals, which activates when urine passes through it.

Thus, when the drunk man stops by the bathroom before leaving the bar, he is alerted by the device with sarcastic phrases, as mentioned by the Dvice website:

  • "Hey, you there, big guy! Have a few drinks? So listen up! It's time to call a cab or a sober friend to give you a ride home. Sure, it's safer and a lot cheaper than a fine. choose smart tonight, don't drink and drive. Remember, your future is in your hands "; or
  • "This is a really friendly reminder. Don't drive drunk. If you do this and get arrested, the next urinal you'll pee will be in jail, with a hairy guy named Bubba standing behind you asking for the soap." . "

According to the publication, the equipment distributed by the Michigan police does not analyze the alcohol content of urine, it is only activated by the passage of liquid. Perhaps this is a possible improvement to the gadget.

Source: The Detroit News, Device