Controversy: 1 Year Old Haircut Ends in Mother's Prison

An unidentified 25-year-old woman was arrested in the municipality of Guanhães, Minas Gerais, for having a “special” haircut for her 10-year-old son. The parent would have had a marijuana leaf drawn on one side of the child's head and the number "4:20", considered a reference to drug use, on the other side.

Military police saw the boy during a patrolling round and charged his mother for child corruption and apology for the crime. Upon receiving the report, the deputy Marcelo Teotônio de Castro summoned the woman for testimony, confirming that the child still had a haircut and arresting the responsible in the act.

With no criminal record, the mother was sent to a female prison unit in Guanhães. According to the delegate, the woman said she did not know what the symbols were about, which she would have seen on the internet and found beautiful. The boy was sent to the county Guardianship Council and is now in the care of his paternal family - his father died about a year ago after a motorcycle accident.

Image Source: Reproduction / Blog Claudia Wasilewsky

Looking guilty

The guardian lived with her mother and son in a rural area, near a bar that belonged to women. The delegate states that the environment is not appropriate for the frequency of children and is reputed to receive drug users. The boy's grandmother has also testified, claiming to have disapproved of her daughter's decision.

Police have up to ten days to complete the investigation. The hairdresser who made the cut should also be heard by the authorities until next week, and can be charged for the same crimes as the boy's mother. If convicted, they can spend up to four years in prison.

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