Controversial! There is a nerve whose sole function is to make the nipples harden

The human body is full of curious and fun facets, in a way. In terms of sexual pleasure, it can be said that it was very well designed - in the case of the clitoris, for example, the only function of the saying whose pleasure is women, unlike the penis, which houses the urinary canal and releases sperm .

Just like the infamous and not always found clitoris, there is a specific nerve that works just to make our nipples hard. The recent discovery was published in the journal Nature Neuroscience - and it doesn't stop there: the same research revealed the existence of a neuron whose only task is to create goose bumps!

Both hardening nipples and chills are sensations that appear involuntarily and in contexts other than sexual, such as when we are cold or afraid. In the brain, who controls these unconscious bodily manifestations is called the sympathetic nervous system.

Division of tasks

Who never?

The latter study found that the sympathetic nervous system is made up of several types of neuronal cells responsible for specific functions, and this finding was possible only after a thorough analysis of the neuronal genetic profile of newborn mice.

It turns out that the structure that makes the nipples erect is developed in the early days of life, as well as the muscle responsible for leaving the hair standing and, consequently, causing goose bumps. As this muscle is formed, neurons begin to divide, so that each type of neural cell is tasked with performing a more specific task.

"We have shown that the sympathetic nervous system is composed of many types of neurons that regulate specific functions in the body, " said study author Alessandro Furlan in a statement published in IFL Science. According to him, the stiff nipples depend on the work of neurons that are dedicated only to this. Isn't it amazing?