Why do some people talk while they are sleeping?

Has it ever happened to you to share a room with someone and wake up scared in the middle of the night with that person talking animatedly or talking meaningless and incomprehensible things in their sleep? This behavior is referred to as a “sleep sound” and, according to experts, refers to a benign disorder that occurs most often in childhood and among men.

However, according to Christian Cotroneo of the Mother Nature Network website, scientists cannot explain very well why people talk in their sleep - and say that, at least technically, this disturbance should not happen, since during sleep, this function should be "off". But there are theories about what triggers night talk ...

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According to Christian, during sleep, when we dream, neurons come into play, and the brain sends a lot of orders to our bodies, almost as when we are still awake.

Who suffers the most is who sleeps with the chatterbox

However, because muscles that work on a voluntary basis are “deactivated” as we enter the sleep phase known as REM, our bodies are quiet and at rest. By the way, this mechanism is super important, as it prevents us from going around doing the same moves we would be doing in our dreams - and potentially putting our lives at risk.

However, it may happen that muscles that move voluntarily are not paralyzed as they should be. So, scientists say, this is where sleepers can perform sleep sleep - as well as other sleep disorders, such as contractions, sleepwalking, and night terror.

If you are one of those nocturnal babblers or know someone who presents this picture, do not worry, as we mentioned in the beginning of the article, talking during sleep is a benign disorder - and, deep down, it is more annoying even for those who sleep together. or share the room with the talking sleeper.


Although somnilocio is more common in childhood - and usually disappears at puberty - about 5% of adults continue to have it throughout their lives. Gossip can happen every night or only occasionally, and some factors can contribute to it happening in adulthood, such as stress, lack of sleep, depression, and alcohol abuse.

Do not worry!

According to Christian, a common feature of the presenter is that the content of the conversations does not make much sense - when what is said is intelligible. In addition, it is not uncommon for the chatterbox to speak with a different voice or accent than normal or sound as if he is angry, happy, sad, etc., which is related to the dream the person is having.

Another interesting thing (if you talk in your sleep and worry about the danger of revealing a secret) is that, at least in the US, confessions that happen while a person is sleeping cannot be considered legal evidence in proceedings, since Experts understand that what is said by hand is the product of a rational or conscious mind.

Finally, just a funny curiosity: one of the most chattering sleepers on record is an American composer named Dion McGregor. And how do we know that? The guy had a roommate who, from being awakened at night with the chatter, decided to spend time recording Dion's conversations and sharing them (over 500!) On a website called “The Dream World of Dion”. He Talks in His Sleep ”- or“ Dion McGregor's Dream Worlds (He Talks While He Sleeps) ”!