Why do some men simply have no beard?

It is not today that the beard is related to male virility and even intelligence. If there is no proof that one thing has anything to do with the other, what is known from the pure observation of the boys who travel around the world is that some have Homeric beards and others spend their whole lives with the smooth face of a baby.

Not having a beard is only a problem when the man in question really wants to flaunt the hairs on his face - other than that, it's absolutely common and much more normal than you might think.

The factor that most influences the presence or absence of hair on the male face is certainly genetics. Boys begin to shave at puberty when hormones come into full force. The hormone responsible for shaving is testosterone, which causes hair to grow thicker and darker.


Before you begin to draw conclusions about the relationship between lack of beard and testosterone levels, we are already ahead: most underpants have the same level of this hormone.

The reason why some boys have beards and others is not purely genetics, which makes each body respond to testosterone in a different way. Being genetically sensitive to this hormone means having a bulky beard to flaunt but, on the other hand, increases the chances of baldness - is that why there is so much bearded bald guy out there?

So if you are a boy who suffers from a lack of beard, the consolation is that in the future your chances of going bald are lower. Now if you've always wanted to be a bearded bald guy, we're sorry.