Why do women get sore breasts before menstruation?

The female body goes through a constant hormonal roller coaster from the first time it menstruates. Whenever the uterus needs to prepare to lose blood, the woman literally feels the changes her body goes through on her skin.

These are pimples, greasiness, muscle aches, mood swings, greater desire to eat certain foods and for many of them, breast pain and swelling - this last symptom is sometimes accompanied by a slight and constant backache.

Of course, some women have no symptoms - their luck! - just as some only feel one or the other. Anyway, it is cool to know what happens to the female body at this fateful time of the month, even because, to our delight, there are ways to reduce suffering.

It's not easy

As we said earlier, this is all about hormone levels, especially estrogen and progesterone, which are produced in greater amounts to prepare the lining of the uterus. This large-scale hormone production ends up stimulating the swollen and sore tissues of the breast region.

What you can do to ease the hassle is to do light physical activities such as a good walk - ideally, these days, use some comfortable, supportive gym top. No wearing too tight bras!

When it comes to food, reducing salt intake is also a good idea, as it retains liquid and makes us even more bloated. It's also good to take it easy when consuming items like coffee, soda and, sad as it may be to know, chocolate.

To relieve pain in general, and if you do not have any problem taking medication, you can opt for some tablet that has ibuprofen. And then just wait for your period to come, with or without colic, so that after the end of your period your body is comfortable for another 20 days before starting all over again ...