Why do babies crawl before they walk?

Babies are amazing creatures, full of novelties that work in a unique way. Many of the behaviors of little ones are innate, strange as it may seem. Newborns, for example, have the so-called automatic gait reflex, and if you try to position a newborn standing up (carefully supporting the baby's head and all of it without ever letting it go), You will notice that he makes movements with his little legs as if he wants to walk.

After two months, however, this reflex disappears and reappears when the baby is about to walk. It is believed that this reflex also serves to train the little one's muscles and motor nerves. The reflex only disappears after the baby's two months of life because the baby becomes very chubby as his muscles grow faster than he is tall.

When babies are older, they are easily stimulated by toys and curious objects, and this is one of the biggest reasons why they want to crawl or crawl around the house with their butt on the floor.



Once they realize that they no longer need the help of adults to reach that little ball that is giving soup on the floor or to try to grab the infamous remote control, the baby begins to move in the way that is best for him.

To get from one point to the other, the little one will try different forms of locomotion until he finds one that suits him best. Initially they will crawl across the floor with the help of their hands and butt, which is always cute to see. When they are already well and balanced, they soon find that putting their little hands on the floor while on their knees is a great move.

Smart guys!


From then on, the baby crawls and crawls around the house until he can stand alone for a few seconds and eventually learn the crazy exercise of stepping. Walking depends on muscle strength and balance, but sometimes babies, who are great strategists, will end up preferring to crawl simply because it's faster.

What matters in this whole process is that children do not always need examples to learn. They are curious by nature, and only need a safe environment in which they have mobility and the chance to try. When it comes to crawling, just leave your child on the floor in a clean, safe, supervised environment for them to begin to discover the world on their own. From there, the movement will only increase.


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