Why do dogs bark at horns and sirens?

Dogs are intelligent, complex and charming creatures. Because of their partnership with humans, we have been able to take a closer look at some traits of their behavior, including those that seem strange to us.

In this sense, you may have noticed that dogs tend to bark when a car horn or siren is approaching. Why does this happen?

The reason behind this lies in the evolutionary past of dogs, which have their great ancestor in the wolf. When members of the same pack scatter for some reason, their mates begin to howl to facilitate the encounter - it's almost a natural GPS.

Makes sense

Howling, dogs communicate with other dogs and can know where they are, even over long distances. From this information, it becomes easier to understand that dogs do not know very well how to differentiate howls and other barks from horns and sirens.

To them, either these noises are interpreted as being from other dogs or are indicative that something is going wrong in the environment and that they need to show that they are aware of it. Like? Barking for long periods.

Although these long barking and howling sessions are usually harmless, it is good to notice if they happen often, as they may also indicate that the dog is stressed or very anxious. If the howling persists even after the siren or horn has passed, it is always wise to consider taking the dog for a veterinary assessment.