Why haven't aliens come to Earth yet? Scientists have new hypothesis

What do "ET - Alien", "Alf", and "The Arrival" creatures have in common? They all managed to break with the gravitational forces of their planets and travel through space, one way or another, reaching Earth.

According to Michael Hippke, an independent researcher affiliated with the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany, this is what is missing for our planet to receive the long-awaited alien visits.


According to him and his latest research, if there are even living and conscious beings outside the Solar System, they may be trapped on their own planets by an extremely powerful gravitational field - much stronger than ours - so that They were still able to start their space exploration missions, as we Terrans already do.

Among the planets thought to be habitable, Hippke suggests considering for example a Super Earth. In the case of these rock-like stars and atmospheres similar to ours, their larger volume would also make the atmosphere thicker and thus require much more energy to break with it through a space flight.


"We found that chemical rockets still allow Super Earth escape velocities of up to 10x Earth's mass. Massive rocky worlds, if any, would require other means to leave the planet, such as nuclear propulsion, " Hippke suggests in the summary. of the article you recently published.

Using similar fuels as ours, a populated space exploration mission would require about 400, 000 metric tons of fuels to break the gravity of a planet like a Super Earth.


It would be much the same as trying to fly carrying the Great Pyramid of Egypt with you - which would make takeoff virtually impossible.

Another important point, he said, is that chances are that planets with higher mass also have a lower proportion of fuel and that it has less force, making it even more laborious.


In the case of Earth, the reason our missions out of here have been successful is a combination of not-so-thick gravitational force and high-volume, efficient fuels.

Of course, the possibility cannot be ruled out that planets other than Earth also have other types of chemical and combustible elements or forms of energy that do not even cross the mind of humans. But as they have not yet appeared on the horizon so far, this may be a good explanation of why!