Why do cats love to scratch furniture?

Having one cat - or several - is synonymous with joy, affection and, of course, scratched furniture. While feline owners will accept pussy whimsy without complaining and even enjoy every mess their furry makes, the fact is that cat-scratching can ruin furniture, doors, and walls.

Blas├ęs by nature, cats don't care if that couch you bought is expensive or if the feet of the chairs in your house are important to you: whatever the cats are, they scratch everything they can, but why will they they do it?

Although it seems teasing many times - will you say no? - The truth is that these animals do it simply because they want to show other animals that they own the piece. Territorialists, the intention of the pussies is to make it very clear who is in charge.

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Scratching a piece of furniture, they are able to leave visual evidence of possession and, to stamp the owners' decree of everything, still leave their own smell there, as feline paws have the ability to exude odors that let any other animal know that for a while. there was a cat.

As they are clever, over time cats have come to realize that scratching things is also a way to eliminate dirt under their claws, so that's another reason why these animals scratch too, even because cleaning their nails causes them to scratch. they grow better.

In terms of muscle strengthening, scratching furniture allows felines to work on their back muscles, which is good for those sleepers who can spend 16 hours a day in deep sleep.

One way to reduce damage to your home furniture is to buy a cat-specific scratching post. Ideally, the object should not be covered with carpet and tall enough for the pussies to be able to stretch well.