Lucky and prosperous, Indians get trampled by cows

That every culture has one or more "eccentric" ritual is not necessarily new. In India, however, people are willing to go far for luck and prosperity: the video above shows a traditional event that took place in the central city of Ujjain.

This is where one of the strangest rituals of the Hindu religion takes place: several men lie hunched on the ground and then trampled by a herd of cows. Since the animal is considered sacred, it is believed that being trampled by them brings luck and prosperity. Event organizers say the practice is centuries old and there has never been a death case.

There were, however, cases of injury - yet those involved believed that as their bodies recovered, so did their luck. Some participants claim that the great motivation to participate in the ritual is to solve life's problems. "We all have problems, but we believe that if we are trampled by the cows, the almighty will appreciate our sacrifice and solve everything for us and bless us with happiness."

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