Star Porn: Star Wars porn search increases by 500%

So, have you ever been to the movies to check out "The Force Awakens" or are you running from spoilers? Regardless of its relationship to the latest chapter of Star Wars in theaters, it is undeniable that fans of the story of Luke and company are completely devoted to the franchise. There is such a keen interest in consuming anything related to the show that even the most "naughty" people can satisfy their wants. These guys, by the way, have been very active, as demand for the porn version of the movie has grown 500% since the beginning of this month.

We recently ran a story showing all sorts of bizarre Star Wars products to prove that the public's interest in the theme is virtually endless. Even with a wide-ranging listing, spicier items like the Yoda condom and the space adventure-based Kama Sutra were left out of the compilation. However, the theme comes back up again with interesting news involving “Star Wars XXX, ” an indispensable chapter in the saga to show the more, say, “hot” side of the Force.

The pornographic parody produced by director Axel Braun - a highly-awarded professional in the category - in 2012 was once considered the most expensive erotic film of all time and paid minimal attention to detail to make it live up to the term “porn with history”. The dedication and investment invested in the film apparently began to pay dividends to those involved in the project. According to adult entertainment site GameLink, the sale of production DVDs has now increased fivefold in December.

"We saw a gradual growth in title sales in early November, but it wasn't until at least the last two weeks that Star Wars XXX purchases really kicked off, " said Jeff Dillon, portal executive in an interview with Mashable. According to Dillon, this sudden increase of 500% in interest about the film is due to the "strong connection of fans with the film franchise." Apparently, when it comes to fantasizing and shining the lightsaber, almost any tool is valid, isn't it?

There's a lot more where this came from

It is worth noting that while Axel Braun's feature film is the highlight in this area, works such as "Sex Wars", "Porn Wars" and "Star Whores" also show vigor when it comes to Force Awakening - not to mention waste another pun. In addition, in the traditional theaters, “Paying Well, What's Bad About It?” In 2008 brought duo Seth Rogen (“Slightly Pregnant”) and Elizabeth Banks (Effie from “The Hunger Games”) as poor people who decide to make money with a precarious shot of an erotic parody of Star Wars.

For those 18 and older, one question is: Will you limit your entertainment with the Disney franchise limited to the new adventures of the series - with John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver - or do you want to take a peek at what happens when the lights come on? Death Star go out?

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