Basement of home in the United States becomes 'pool' of blood.

Imagine going to the basement and coming up against a floor covered in blood, bones and fat? We know it sounds like a horror movie, but this story is real and it took place in the city of Bagley, Iowa. Take a deep breath and prepare your stomach to understand how this occurred.

The Lestina family was greatly surprised to go to the basement of the house and find the floor flooded with almost 13 centimeters of blood. The episode happened because a slaughterhouse near the residence discarded the fluids of the animals slaughtered down the drain, causing the material to be drained through the pipe, which is somehow connected to the family's sewage system. Thus, the material ended up overflowing in the basement of the Lestina, filling the place with blood, bone remains and fat, causing a huge inconvenience and forcing the family to leave home.

Source: 13 Who TV / Playback

Blood pool

In an interview with Channel 13 News, Nick Lestina, owner of the house, said the slaughterhouse administration has not taken responsibility for what happened as they understand they are not guilty of what happened. He says he is "spending thousands of dollars on cleaning, more than $ 2, 000 just to clean the basement." Nick still adds, "I don't have thousands of dollars to throw away at that."

However, according to Iowa Natural Resources Department (DRN) expert Kevin Wilken, slaughterhouse owners are cooperating a lot. According to the official "they worked with me to find a permanent solution so that animal blood, fat and all this material are no longer discarded by these drains."

Source: 13 Who TV / Playback

Because this case poses a major health risk, DNR eventually included the Iowa Department of Health to also address the entire problem. The agency, in turn, requested that the family move to another place because of the biological risk arising from contact with the material.

Source: 13 Who TV / Playback

The Lestinas have gone elsewhere while the house is being cleaned. In addition to the bad experience, the family still had many items spoiled by dirt, especially a bed that was reserved for one of their children, who is only one year old. Nick is very sorry for this and says he does not wish such a situation on anyone.