Porsche is sued for an accident that led to the death of Paul Walker

The widow of the driver who was driving the car involved in the accident that killed him and Paul Walker in November last year sued car maker Porsche. According to TMZ, Kristine Rodas, wife of former professional pilot Roger Rodas, took the case to the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday.

In the document, she claims that the Porsche Carrera GT in which her husband and the "Fast and Furious" actor were had a suspension failure that prevented the driver from keeping control of the car. According to her, Roger tried to keep the car on track, but could not resume command of the vehicle after hitting a lamppost.

The driver's widow still blames the manufacturer for the car exploding in the accident, saying the vehicle had no proper impact protection or a device that prevents fuel from igniting in the event of a crash. These protections would be common in race cars and, according to the widow, the "Carrera GT is as close as we can get to a race car."

The lawsuit further alleges that Porsche ignored several other accidents that would have occurred with the Carrera GT without, according to her, having taken action to alert consumers.

However, the document does not recognize facts raised by the expert about the accident: according to the official report, the car was between 128 and 150 km / h at the time of the crash, but in the lawsuit, it is said that the driver was running the car. 88 km / h.

With a leading Hollywood attorney, Kristine Rodas sues Porsche for negligence, wrongful death, and liability for product defects.

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