Possibility of cell phones causing cancer to be studied again

Egg and cell: sometimes cause disease, sometimes healthy. Image Source: Playback / NWMedia

The FCC, a US government agency that regulates communication devices such as cell phones, computers, and many others, nearly equivalent to the Brazilian Anatel, is expected to review its radiation standards on mobile phones. The agency has been criticized for its rules not being updated since 1996, and could already be outdated.

With that, the discussion about the possibility of a smartphone cause or not cancer in the brain of users has returned to the agenda, being even studied again in universities and research institutes.

The fact is that there is no doubt that mobile phones actually emit radiation, but so far they are controlled by agencies such as Anatel in Brazil and FCC in the US, which measure this emission and classify handsets as healthy or unhealthy.

It turns out that the standards for these analyzes done in the US are being questioned as they are old and not very judicious when created. At the time, tests were done only with a medium-sized man. That is, more sensitive people were not taken into account, such as pregnant women, children, the elderly etc.

Brain absorbs radiation

There are studies that claim that the human brain is very sensitive to radiation and, under certain circumstances, absorbs it. “More research is needed, but we already know that radiation is absorbed by brain tissue. We also know that this absorption is not uniform, ”David Gultekin, a researcher at a cancer center in New York, told D News.

What remains to be proven, however, is whether the amount of radiation emitted by cell phones is really enough to cause damage to the brain or any other part of the human body. What's more, there is also no estimate as to how long exposure can generate a dangerous level of radiation for an average person.

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