Preparing the house for Valentine's Day

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Today is Valentine's Day and you already know what the celebration will be like? Many people prefer to leave the crowded restaurants on this date to do something more intimate in the comfort of their home. If you are one of those people and want to cook a nice little dinner in your own home, this is a good way to show your love in a more personalized way.

Since this date dropped midweek, chances are you didn't have much time to organize something more sophisticated to celebrate, right? But rest easy, as you can make your corner super hot and beautiful with simple things you already have at home and other easy to find last minute.

The important thing is not to let the date go blank. After all, a little romance in the daily rush is very good for the couple. Even if it is organized quickly. But the memory and surprise of a dinner and a date-ready home are sure to make you all the more in love.

Organization and details

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A well-appointed dining room and a romantic evening room - as well as a breakfast room - are essential for surprising your partner and enjoying the moments in a special mood.

For this, use the most beautiful things you have at home. If you have those crystal glasses you never use or an amazing tablecloth that is kept for a special occasion, this is the right time to use them.

If time is short for large decorative productions, provide the easy-to-find basics that will already provide a warm and romantic atmosphere such as candles, pillows and flowers.

However, do not overdo the decor. Too many papers and messages hanging on the walls, too many flower petals all over the house, and candles scattered everywhere can make Carnivals more expensive than Valentine's Day. So focus on the details that make the difference. Elegance and minimalism count for many points for a romantic setting.

Also, take care that the house is organized and clean. No laziness at this time. Even if time is up, ask your boyfriend (husband, partner, etc.) to delay a little so you can prepare everything more calmly and have a few minutes for a quick cleaning in the house.

With time, you have more tranquility and pleasure in preparing the romantic corner. Set the table with a nice tablecloth and choice dishes, make the bed with nice sheets, put some small flower arrangements around the room, light an aromatic candle to make the most pleasant mood for your arrival and have dinner prepared in advance or only to finish it when your mate is already together. So your only job will be to enjoy the passionate moments.

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Remember that wine (red or white) or champagne are ideal drinks for this date. They are more romantic and warm the mood with the ritual of tasting them in large and beautiful cups. You can also arrange strawberries to accompany the drink before dinner or even after dessert, which may even extend to the bedroom.

To give some more great tips on how to decorate the environments for this day full of love, TodaEla counted on the suggestions of event designer Fabiane Almeida . Check it out below and set the mood for romance.

  • For a personalized decoration for Valentine's Day, the tip is to be creative with elements we have at home. Face-down bowls, for example, can turn candlesticks to the dinner table. Remember not to use table-scented candles to avoid confusing the senses. Leave this type for the bedroom;
  • Sousplats (stand under the plate) give that special charm to the composition of the dining table. If you choose colored dishes or sousplats, use a neutral colored towel to make sure you don't miss the composition;
  • A small flower or bunch of herbs on napkins also brings personalization to the dining space;
  • The red and pink colors are the most used for the seductive mood of Valentine's Day, but these colors can be combined in detail with other shades, making the decor more elegant and not at all obvious;

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  • Flowers are great devices to decorate the house and give an atmosphere of sophistication. Roses are the most common flowers for this type of celebration, but we can match seasonal flowers. In addition to being more beautiful, these flowers have more inviting prices;
  • For the bedroom, you can invest in the use of aromatic candles with your beloved's favorite fragrance, but in small doses so that the aroma doesn't get too intense;
  • Invest in a soft-touch bedding and use plenty of pillows on the bed to make your celebration feel comfortable and sumptuous;
  • Don't forget to make a playlist of the music styles you like best for a nice soundtrack. The important thing is to be of the taste of both;
  • You can use rose petals in detail on the table, the bed or even on the floor. But, remember not to overdo it.
  • Generally, only candlelight is not enough. Even so, do not use the main light in the room. Opt for a more indirect and cozy lighting as the lamps;

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  • If you wish to place a flower arrangement on the dining table, choose a small and low so as not to disturb your eyes. You can also leave it further to the side of the table;
  • Use beautiful cloth napkins (or the most sophisticated paper napkins) and use those decorated rings to secure them. You can also use red satin ribbons to tie them together and even place little notes in small papers together.

With good ideas and creativity, you can create a perfect setting for a romantic evening at home with style. Enjoy the tips and Happy Valentine's Day!