Prepare to feel someone else's pain: man breaks leg in trampoline

What may sometimes seem like a routine exercise can end in tragedy. At least that was the case with Adam Barth. He broke his leg by jumping off a trampoline on a trampoline, as much as I've done the same exercise hundreds of times before - as he says in the video description himself.

The result is strikingly horrible, because with a single jump the guy lands in a bad way and causes his leg to bend, resulting in an open fracture. Just watching can already imagine the pain. However, he didn't make much of a scandal when it happened, just sat down and held his leg while waiting for help.

Adam Barth broke the bone into four parts, underwent surgery, and had a titanium prosthesis implanted in his leg to ensure his normal mobility. If you don't mind the pain of others, prepare psychologically to watch the video: