Chinese teacher makes classroom call using face recognition

Do you know that old technique of subscribing to the call list for a classmate who didn't go to class or even answer for him by changing his own tone a little? With a professor at Communications University of China this is not possible for one simple reason: He uses facial recognition techniques to prevent any mischief.

To begin with, Professor Shen Hao took a front picture of each student, registering their faces in a database. Using technology from Chinese giant Baidu, he positions a tablet every day in front of the table. Students then line up and pose for the front camera until they are recognized by the system, recording attendance. All this takes a few seconds per person.

As with device systems like the iPhone X, the teacher-developed app recognizes students even under heavy makeup or hairstyle changes. Hao takes care of six on-site subjects and said he has work to control over 300 students.

A person taking a picture.

This "technological call" has been mixed in with students. Some people think the system is convenient because it prevents them from having to register manually, but some Chinese students are hoping that fashion will not reach other teachers and colleges - probably because it means the end of many schemes.