Teacher continues to teach even with his head covered with bees

Bees, like many animals, only attack us when they feel threatened, but this does not prevent the most allergic simply to die of taking a bee sting that, in addition to causing much pain, can trigger unpleasant reactions.

If you're the type to hide when you see a bee approaching, you'll die in agony with Professor Tim Lawrence's class, who even covered with bees kept talking quietly with his students. To him it seemed like just another ordinary day at work ... And it was!

The unusual scene took place at Washington State University, and everything was properly planned by the brave professor, who was just explaining to students how bees behave.


“Why can we do this without being stung?” The didactic teacher asked, answering that the bees are simply not intended to attack - yet the demonstration left him with some stingers scattered throughout the body, but the stings were few if we consider the absurd amount of bees that were around his head.

"Anyone can approach and stick their hands right in the middle of this swarm without being stung, " Lawrence said. The secret, it seems, is to hold the queen bee in hand and then let the other bees lodge in its body.

For the teacher, this is the most natural way to create a “bee beard”, allowing them to cover it at will. Although it goes without saying, for obvious reasons, we need to warn that this kind of experiment should not be done by unprepared people without technical knowledge, huh! Always remember what happened to Macaulay Culkin in "My First Love."