Copywriting teacher creates valuable schema for Enem and viralizing content

Tarsila Baylão is a teacher who, like others, decided to use social networks to help her students. A few days into the Enem exam, she made a pretty simple scheme to give some writing tips that, as many of our readers may know, is a student's nightmare.

Tarsila's material after extensive research on YouTube classes and much teaching material was posted in a series of six photos, and since its release, the content has been frantically shared. The reason? Possibly the succinct and effective way she found of giving precious writing tips. See below:

Valuable tips

We decided to contact Tarsila to find out what she has to say about the phenomenon of her publication, which has so far been shared over 60, 000 times.

Graduated six years ago in Letters, Tarsila teaches Portuguese Language, English Language and Writing. As she has always enjoyed drawing and has impeccable handwriting, after an Enem exam preparation class, her students suggested that she make a layout and post the material on Facebook.

Since it was always easier to work with mind maps and flow charts, the teacher did not think twice and accepted the challenge of the students. The publication has been so effective that it is receiving messages from people around the world: it is students, mothers, fathers and teachers who welcome the tips and praise the young teacher's organization.

The idea of ​​leaving the post public came from Tarsila's sister, who is a journalist and argued that the content would be accessible to more people. Indeed, many students can now democratically take advantage of the tips and think about strategies for the exam.

Internet of good

For Tarsila, it is important to use the internet to do good, after all it is common to see the repercussion of not always positive attitudes out there. She also points out that not every student can take a preparatory course or have access to good teaching conditions, so it is interesting to spread knowledge in a free environment - so interesting that Tarsila now has a fanpage devoted only to study tips in it. drafting model, the Rabiscos da Aula.

Near the end of the pleasant conversation I had with this creative teacher, she made a very important remark: “Writing is a practice, and the student cannot write about what they do not know, ” noting that, besides knowing the scheme Ideal for writing, it is essential to stay informed on the most diverse topics, so that you can write about them.

If you are about to take the Enem exam, then don't forget the structural tips of the essay and stay tuned for the most up-to-date news about education, politics, health, social movements, security and others that have social relevance. Contextualizing arguments with historical events is also always a good idea, according to the teacher. In other words, to write well, you really need to read a lot and always be well informed.


Now that you have access to the scheme made by Tarsila, enjoy and tell us what you think of the idea of ​​this creative teacher and very willingly - we here from the Mega team just love it!

* Posted on 10/27/2016

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