Protein May Grant Perfect Photographic Memory

It seems that over time a perfect photographic memory will no longer be just an innate virtue. A group of Spanish scientists has been able to isolate a protein that can boost the ability to remember visualized objects.

In a study published in the journal Science, researchers say they have found protein RGS-14 as the perfect stimulant for visual memory. The studies were conducted with laboratory mice, leading to dramatic changes in the durability of strictly vision-based memories.

In fact, mice treated with RGS-14 were able to recall objects they came in contact with even after two months. For comparison, a normal mouse (without stimulant) can retain visual information for only one hour.

An underexplored portion of the brain

The discovery of RGS-14 also helped scientists determine which portion of the cortex is actually responsible for producing visual memories. This is what was called “the sixth layer of the V2 region”. The tests appear to have been conclusive, since removal of said portion in mice rendered the animals unable to recognize previously visualized objects.

Image Source: Reproduction / Science

Countless possibilities

This study seems inclined to see in the discovery the possibility of formulating a memory enhancer. Needless to say, if something like this really became feasible, it would be the perfect boost for engineering / architecture designers.

This just to make a somewhat rough reduction, is true. After all, it seems hard to imagine anyone who would not benefit from having their visual memory readily turbocharged - especially people with severe disabilities in this field. In any case, it is natural to imagine that the implications of a similar "treatment" would need to be evaluated before any kind of mass production.