Next destination of your vacation may be the moon

(Source of image: Press Release / NASA)

If you do not believe that man once went to the moon, you can get the real proof of it very soon. A US company called Golden Spike, founded by former NASA officials, announced this week that it intends to take tourists to see the moon by 2020.

The company estimates that the cost of a manned trip to Earth's natural satellite is $ 1.5 billion. The amount will be divided between those interested in embarking on the same journey. The company hopes that by then this cost will decrease and as flight frequency increases, costs will become more affordable.

So if you've always had a dream of visiting the moon, save your savings. To make $ 1.5 billion in eight years, you would need to save “only” $ 15.6 million per month from January 2013. Who is willing?