What is the secret of the mysterious “spinning island” in Argentina?

In 2016, news came that a circular island had been discovered in Argentina. What was most intriguing was not even the fact that it was almost perfectly round in a round lake: the amazing thing was that it apparently rotated on its own axis! Are you curious? You can see it from Google Maps at the coordinates 34 ° 15'07.8'S 58 ° 49'47.4'W.

It was even discovered by this tool: producer Sergio Neuspillerm was looking for places to record a documentary when he came across the curious lineup. Nicknamed “The Eye”, the island is 118 meters in diameter and is located in the marshes that form at the mouth of the Paraná River. Around the entire island, a small trickle of water seems to separate it from the mainland.

As Neuspillerm began to monitor the island, he noticed that its position varied from time to time, indicating that it rotated on its own axis! This spawned countless conspiracy theories, such as that supernatural events occurred in the region and even the aliens would be behind the bizarre. Check out the island:

the eye

Revolving "Island" in Argentina

Fake or real?

The island does exist, but it has nothing supernatural - not an island, by the way. It is a floating vegetation well known to the locals, who have always known that aliens, the Illuminati or even ghosts have nothing to do with the phenomenon.

The formation usually rotates because of the movement of the winds and the current itself. This small biosphere reserve can sometimes even evolve its own species if they remain long enough to float without contact with the banks. And this is not even a rare phenomenon: next to the Eye there is another similar formation, but it is not so circular - check this link.


Another similar phenomenon near The Eye


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