The more forehead wrinkles, the more likely you will die from heart problems.

That the human body has a way of showing when something is wrong with the gears that move it, there's no doubt about it. Strange signs indicate a lack of vitamins, others show that you may be about to have a heart attack or nervous breakdown. Blemishes, rashes, skin signs, creases, marks, and other apparent details often happen.

Now a new study suggests that the more wrinkles you have on your forehead, the more likely you are to fall victim to fatal heart disease. The conclusion even makes sense, considering that wrinkles are historically associated with concerns - which, in turn, affect the quality of life, stress levels and, consequently, the health of our heart.

Very calm at this time

The research, of course, is not definitive and only gives a first push to consider consulting a cardiologist if you have too many folds on your forehead. Research leader Yolande Esquirol - an associate professor of occupational health at the University Hospital Center in Toulouse, France - points out that the goal is not to alarm the population and that not every person with forehead wrinkles is about to suffer.

She points out that there are other factors that also contribute to this, such as genetics, skin care routine and lifetime sun exposure, among others. Anyway, it is always valid to follow the standard recommendation of doctors and to ensure that periodic consultation with the cardiologist from the age of 40.

And detail: This is not the first time a type of "bend" is related to heart problems. That fold in the earlobe may also indicate some kind of dysfunction in the area.

In the case of the forehead, to reach this reflection, the researchers analyzed more than 3, 200 adult people in France, at the following ages: 32, 42, 52, and 52. All study participants underwent a true investigation. . Fortunately, there was no injection, but counting and measuring the number and depth of each crease.

Each volunteer was followed for 20 years, during which 233 of the guests died of various causes. Among these people, the rate of deaths from heart disease was 10 times higher in individuals with more forehead wrinkles, leading researchers to connect one thing to another.

Still in its synthesis phase for publication in scientific journals, the study is ongoing and may provide material for further analysis in the future. For now, the warning is to follow the cardiologist periodically, especially if the deepest wrinkles begin to appear too early.


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