How many rolls of duct tape does it take to lift a car?

Have you ever considered lifting a car with duct tape? Do you think the material has enough grip and strength to handle 1, 500 pounds? The Fast, Furious and Funny team conducted the test to find out how many rolls of tape are needed to get a car off the ground.

For the experiment, the staff used a 2002 Ford Mondeo model and a 30-ton crane, as well as many rolls of tape. As the purpose was to test the tape's adherence to the car, the straps were attached only to the side of the car without wrapping the entire vehicle through the chassis.

The first attempt to lift the car stuck with strips of tape is somewhat frustrating, but the team finds a solution to improve material grip - by using wider multipurpose tapes, increasing the contact area with the car and thereby creating way, greater resistance to the weight of the car.

With the thickest ribbons, Fast, Furious and Funny people can lift the vehicle attached to the crane. To determine how many strips of tape are needed, the team decides to cut the pieces until they see the moment the car crashes. The result is surprising, with only 70 strips of material holding the car in the air.