What is this phenomenon that turned the sky of Rome into something apocalyptic?

Glancing at the next picture, isn't it the impression that the sky looks like the static we see when a TV channel goes down? However, do not think it is a rare phenomenon or a prelude to the arrival of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse! The image you can see below was shot in Rome, Italy, and although it has caught the attention of the crowd that accesses Reddit - the content sharing and discussion site posted on the internet - it's nothing out of this world. ! Check out:

Starlings over Rome

It's very birdy! (Inverse / Reddit)


In fact, according to Inverse Web site Yasmin Tayag, the photo shows hundreds of thousands of starlings - flying over the Italian capital as it migrated from the cold of eastern Europe and Scandinavia to the warmth of Italy. This phenomenon happens every year, and although it yields incredible heavenly spectacles (which you can watch in a video soon), the nearly 4 million starlings that migrate annually are considered a real “nuisance” by the Romans!

This is because, before “landing” in Rome, the birds stop to make a little mouth in the olive groves that are grown around the city and, when they travel to the capital, bombard everything with poop. The problem is that, as you may know, olives are oil-rich fruits - after all, olive ... olive oil ... - so starlings' stools are oily and a great hindrance.


Embarrassment (Inverse)

It's a monument, a historic building, a square, a statue, a sidewalk, a bench, a car, a wasp ... at last, all covered in poop (with olive oil and hard to remove) - and the Romans are half-fed up with the dirt that starlings do every year and have even tried various tactics to discourage birds from passing through Rome.

According to Yasmin, among the initiatives taken, some inhabitants tried to prune trees to discourage nesting, while others made potions or appealed to the technology and decided to point out speakers for birds and make predator noise to see if they could scare away the birds. starlings. There were even those who went so far as to “hire” trained hawks to scare off the damned, but none of that worked, because the shits return every year.

At least, as we mentioned earlier in the article, despite the filth they do, starlings make real celestial ballets on their way through Rome - as you can see in the video below, produced by the BBC folks: