How about checking out a selection filled with random curiosities?

1 - When Christopher Columbus "discovered" America, the continent already had an estimated population of 90 million - or one third of the world's population at the time.

2 - Did you know that one in 8 Americans is from California? Still on the state, if he were a country, he would be the 8th economy in the world (according to 2015 data) and the 35th most populous nation on the planet!

Californian landscape

(Unsplash / Jacob Repko)

3 - Over the last 5, 000 years of human history, only 1 disease has been completely eradicated. Do you know which one? The smallpox.

4 - During the Ice Age, it was common for the inhabitants of the territory that today corresponds to the United Kingdom to use human skulls as cups and bowls.

Ice Age


As macabre as it sounds, dead people can get goose bumps. This may be one of the effects seen during rigor mortis - or cadaveric stiffness - a condition that begins 1 to 3 hours after death due to biochemical changes in the muscles and usually begins to pass after 24 hours.

6 - Humans have taste receptors in the mouth, stomach, intestines, pancreas, lungs, testicles, anus and, of course, the brain.

Lion in the zoo

(Local London Tours)

7 - In the 18th century, visitors to the London Zoo in England could "pay" for their entry by bringing a dog or cat in tow - which, in turn, served as a snack for the local lions.

8 - Did you know that it is possible to pee whiskey from people with diabetes due to the high sugar levels in their urine? There is even a name for the drink: "Pissky".

A shot of whiskey


9 - In 2013, astronomers discovered a planet - a gas giant named HD 189733b located 63 light-years from Earth - whose daytime temperature reaches more than 1, 000 degrees Celsius and can rain glass in its liquid form.

10 - During the Middle Ages, castration was used as a treatment for various conditions such as hernia, epilepsy and leprosy.


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