What a shot that was: during dance, FBI agent accidentally fires gun

During a happy hour, with a few more drinks in mind, a lot of people get loose on the dance floor and think it's the new Baryshnikov. However, if you are carrying a weapon, it is better not to want to invent too much or something very bad can end up happening. Such a situation almost ended in tragedy in Denver, USA, at dawn on Saturday (2).

An FBI agent was doing quite expansive dance moves when he decided to somersault. At that moment, his weapon fell to the ground and, trying to retrieve it, the man ended up firing accidentally. The shot ended up hitting the leg of another man at the bar. He was quickly referred to the hospital without risk to life.

Denver police and the FBI are investigating the case to decide if the bumbling agent will be punished for the incident - he was off duty at the time of the shooting, but still had the right to walk armed. For now, no authority has spoken about the case. The moment of the accident was recorded by a bartender:


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