Who Created the Lizard People Conspiracy Theory?

They are also known as reptilians, saurians and draconians. They would be a mixture of humans and reptilians and now play an important role in fantasy, science fiction, ufology and conspiracy theories.

For those who don't know, this idea was born and popularized with David Icke, a theorist who came to claim that reptilian aliens change shape and control the earth by assuming the human condition. The purpose of these extraterrestrial beings is to have political power and to manipulate societies.

Icke even said that several world leaders are or are possessed by the reptilians. Amazingly, David is not alone, his theories are supported by 47 countries and attracts multitudes interested in the subject. In Icke's lectures alone, more than six thousand people appeared.

Tall and drink blood

David's theories went a long way: he even described in detail how repitilians would look. They are tall, drink blood, change shape and belong to the Draconis star system. These days they would be hiding underground and plotting against humanity. The theorist believes leaders around the world are involved in this, including George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II.


It is common for this subject - the reptilians - to involve the alien abduction theme. One of the first reports occurred in Ashland, Nebraska, in 1967, when a police officer named Herbert Schirmer claimed to have been taken aboard a reptilian UFO.