Want to rent an uncle? In Japan you can!

The word ossan, in Japanese, is used to refer to that big-bellied, boring uncle who makes the "pave or pacumê" ​​jokes. Still, a guy named Takanobu Nishimoto is struggling to take the negative side of the word and make people, when they see his service, not get discouraged.

The service in question is offered by Nishimoto's company, Ossan Rental, which basically offers dear uncles for those in need. With a payment of 1000 yen, the equivalent of $ 35 per hour, you can rent an uncle to call your own.

The offered uncles can perform a variety of tasks, from lending a helping hand at the time of change to attending a wedding ceremony or spending an afternoon talking to the person hiring the service, listening and giving advice. Really uncle stuff.

The idea behind the business is that an older person's voice of wisdom is always very useful and can be harnessed in many different situations. To make the whole thing better, Nishimoto says that rented uncles themselves benefit from their service because they feel useful, more confident, and even because they need to take better care of their looks and health to work.

Successful business


When the company began offering its services in mid-2012, Nishimoto was the only uncle in the rental catalog, but today the business has grown so much that customers can choose from the 80 uncles available in the catalog.

Nishimoto ensures that the history of each registered individual has been properly researched for security reasons, and that each is also cataloged in the system based on their own personality to match the person hiring the service. Each uncle, to be available, also has to pay a monthly fee and sign a 1-year loyalty agreement.

The entrepreneur explains that most people looking to rent an uncle are women between the ages of 20 and 50, and that the site's registration receives about 900 reservations per month. The most popular uncle available has an average of 60 rental requests per month.

The idea has gained popularity in Japan, and other companies already offer similar services. There is even one that allows customers to rent a mother, but then the investment is more expensive: the equivalent of $ 160 per hour.


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