Want to know how to screw Bruna Marquezine? Learn from this video

Anyone who goes to the stadiums to watch football games already knows how things are ... these venues are super-democratic and it's almost impossible to know who the other people will be sitting next to you. You may be fortunate enough to be surrounded by a lively partying crowd, at other times it may be unlucky to sit next to a bunch of suitcases.

And it's not that poor Bruna Marquezine had the misfortune to be close to a clueless fan! Well, unfortunate for her, because for the gang that is not a fan of Neymar's girlfriend, that fan is a real hero. Do you believe the guy not only farted - by Bruna's stinky face - in front of Marquezine, but also filmed her reaction? Check it out below:

Bruna, as you saw, did not find any fun in the slutty fan, and even gave the piggy a push. And you reader, what would you do in this situation? If he had been the fart guy, would he have done the same thing, or had he taken the opportunity to ask for an autograph and take a picture with the girl? And if you had been to Marquezine, would you have just poked at the stink? Tell us in the comments!