Want to know who owns the biggest brands in the world?

When you go to the supermarket, although you will find countless products from various brands there, the truth is that the most famous of them belong to only a few megacorporations. The same is true for vehicles, beverages, television channels, airlines, financial institutions and more.

And to help us visualize who owns the top brands out there, the folks at Gizmodo have put together a series of infographics that reveal which corporations hold the power over the world. Check out:

You can enlarge the infographics by clicking on the icon - discreet! - which is in the upper right corner of the images.

1 - Financial Assets

Financial assets

2 - Consumer Goods

Consumer goods

3 - TV Channels

TV channels

4 - Cars


5 - Beers


6 - Airlines

Airline companies

7 - Studios and media companies

Studios and media companies