Want to see an entire bridge disappear in seconds? [video]

The video you just saw, posted on YouTube by LCRAvideo, shows the implosion of an old bridge in the city of Marble Falls, Texas. According to information from Kvue.com, the old steel structure - 77 years old and 4 lanes - will give way to two new, more modern and safe concrete bridges, which will have two lanes each and areas for pedestrian circulation.

To the delight of the many onlookers, those responsible for building the new bridge - which will be completed next year - have decided to buy time to implode the structure rather than mechanically dismantle it. In addition, the steel left over from the old bridge will be turned into sculptures.

This wasn't the only bridge we saw disappeared this week (remember the one that was stolen in Turkey?), But it was certainly the most interesting to check out. See the implosion in slow motion - from 0:48 - in the clip below: