How important is it to wash new clothes before using them for the first time?

Your mother probably told you that you need to wash all your new clothes before you use them for the first time. Even so, sometimes the lack of options or the desire to try something different ends up winning and we stop to ask how important it is to get your clothes through the washing machine before you put them on.

According to a professor of dermatology at Columbia University, the most direct answer is that this is essential for anyone who does not want to risk red and itchy spots. Due to laws that vary from country to country, the allowed level of chemicals in each fabric eventually changes depending on the origin and type of material used, which can result in clothing with elements that can irritate your skin.

According to Donald Belsito of Columbia University Medical Center in New York, it is often safer to wash new clothes more than once before using them. Many synthetic fabrics get their color from azo-aniline dyes, which can cause a severe skin relationship if you are allergic to the material - or even a milder nuisance in people without this problem.

According to the expert, paint residue is often only removed after several washes, which facilitates the appearance of red and itchy spots “especially near areas where there is friction or sweat such as waist, neck, thighs and around the armpits” . If you are among the most serious allergy sufferers, it may be a good idea to avoid the material altogether, as it can resist even after multiple passes through the water.

More risks

Another irritating substance is formaldehyde resin, which is used to prevent clothing from creasing and can cause two types of eczema with red spots, itchy and sagging skin. In addition, it should be noted that it is not possible to know who has been trying on her new clothing while she was in the store, or whether this person had any type of communicable disease or parasite.

“I've seen cases of head lice possibly passing from one person to another through tried-in store clothing. And there are certain infectious diseases that can be transmitted through clothing, ”says Belsito. According to the expert, the best thing to do about hygiene is to wash the new pieces at least once with double rinse before using them, regardless of the type of fabric.

* Posted on 1/1/2017