Ranavalona, ​​the cruelest queen in history compared to Caligula

Ramavo was born in 1788 in a humble family of Madagascar. His father discovered a plot that would kill the future king of the country, Andrianampoinimerina, and ended this scheme. The king, as a way of thanks, decided to adopt the girl and started to call her Ranavalona. The future king even made her marry her son, Radama.

When Radama took the throne, Ranavalona would be the mother of the future crown heir. As was the first of Radama's 12 wives, only her children would be considered in the line of succession. However, the couple never had children, and this became a big problem, since Radama died of syphilis some time later.

Radama's nephew, Rakotobe, would be the heir in this case. However, tradition said that any son of Ranavalona, ​​even if not proved to be Radama's son, could steal the crown. Rakotobe planned to kill the bastard cousin and she found that out. That's when bullshit stank ...

Ramavo was adopted by the king and became Ranavalona

Coronation and first tyrannies

Before his death, Radama had opened Madagascar to Christian missionaries, which attracted the wrath of many. So people thought Rakotobe would follow in his uncle's footsteps, and the crowd wasn't very excited about it. Ranavalona was quite popular with the army and managed to convince the people that she would be a good queen. Then, on June 12, 1829, the queen-commoner took the throne.

His first act was to have Rakotobe and his mother killed. During the coronation, she said, "Never say 'she is just a weak and ignorant woman, how can she rule a vast empire?' I will rule for the fate of my people and the glory of my name! I will worship gods, but those of my ancestors. The ocean is the limit of my kingdom, and I will not give in to the thickness of a hair of my kingdom! ”

And so it was done: Ranavalona sent the Christian missionaries away from Madagascar, broke trade agreements signed by her late husband with France and England, and even entered a sea battle against the French.

In the early years Ranavalona showed that she would be a tyrant

Fight against Christianity

Ranavalona was no joke: if she knew of someone who was not faithful to her, the queen would order the person to eat three chicken skins and a poisoned nut that would make her vomit: if the alleged infidel did not vomit all the skins, he would not taste her. faithfulness. She beheaded a lover who refused this punishment.

Foreigners did not deny religious freedom in their country. But no one could teach the people of Madagascar a belief that was not their own. The penalty was clear: death! This caused many Christians to flee the country, and many of those who remained were arrested, tortured and executed.

She once placed 15 Christian missionaries to stand on ropes on a cliff, cutting off support and killing them all! On other occasions she cooked the living Christians! As early as 1845, she organized a buffalo hunting expedition with more than 50, 000 people from her kingdom: 10, 000 men starved to death in the four months of hunting; and no buffalo was injured.

Death of missionaries on cliff is one of the best known events of his evil

Death and Haunt

Later, Ranavalona eventually begat a son, whom he named him Rakoto. The boy did not agree with his mother's tyranny, even plotting against her own life! He never achieved his goal, and Ranavalona died peacefully at age 80.

She is believed to have been responsible for the deaths of 2.5 million people during her reign. At his funeral, an accident with a gunpowder still killed several spectators. Many consider this an “apotheotic” ending to a life of so many tyrannies.

Rakoto took the throne and managed to reverse several of his mother's controversial policies. He did not last long in the reign: he was the victim of treason a few years after placing the crown on his head. These Rakoto changes made the people of Madagascar believe that Ranavalona was haunting the country, unhappy with his son's decisions. Bizarre, huh?

In another episode, during a beach battle against the French, Ranavalona impaled enemies on the beach to scare people

* Posted on 8/11/2016