Boy almost scared to death with prank Paranormal Activity

The prank you are about to watch was created by Public Prank people with the intention of scaring a mutual friend. The boys set sinister "traps" around an apartment to recreate the ambience of the movie " Paranormal Activity" and left a hidden camera recording all the action. So, after all was done, everyone found some excuse to leave home and left the poor victim alone. Check out:

At first, the unsuspecting friend doesn't care much for the chandelier's bizarre movement in the kitchen, but can't resist the urge to investigate what's going on after a broom falls inexplicably. And it is from this point that the poor thing almost dies of fear, with objects being thrown on the floor, mysterious noises and chairs running alone around the room.

The prank is sensational, and luckily the victim didn't have any "piripaque" nor slapped with funny friends. But what about you, reader, what would you do if someone were to play such a prank on you?