Real-life rapunzel: the woman who has the biggest dreads in the world

Rapunzel? Samson? If we consider the Rapunzel of the immense braids, able to serve as rope, perfect. As for Samson, if we think of the biblical character who believed his strength was in his hair, the definition also fits. But the truth is that we are going to tell the story of a 50-year-old lady, Asha Mandela, who boasts the world's longest dreads in her 18-kg hair.

Asha is married, has children, lives in Atlanta, USA, and hasn't cut her hair in 25 years since she began to have dreams and visions. The dreads are part of what she believes to be a reconstruction of her own life. As a not-so-discreet passing person, Asha is already known and has a legion of fans around the world who consider her a living legend.


Image Source: Playback / DailyMail

When she needs to go out, Asha wraps her hair in a cloak - the same one worn by mothers carrying their babies close to their bodies - called sling . In addition, she claims that she washes her hair once a week and moisturizes it with natural oils - it takes two days for everything to be completely dry.

Asha has had a difficult time with her health, including two heart attacks, two strokes, and even cancer. She had to have both breast removal surgery in the 1990s, and of course chemotherapy, a treatment known for its side effects, one of which is hair loss. Asha, however, did not lose her wires. Perhaps that is where your belief comes from that your hair is your strength: "If I cut it, it would be a zombie, " she told the Daily Mail portal.

The baby"

Image Source: Playback / DailyMail

During her treatment, Asha made some knots in her hair, afraid they might fall out. It wasn't until 2009 that she, with the help of a dreaded hairdresser, unrolled the strands - and then she became aware of how long her hair had grown in recent years. In the same year she was named for the second time as the owner of the biggest dreads in the world by the Book of Records and, since the category no longer exists, she is the first and only person to receive the title.

Asha's hair is almost 6 meters long, and she has a dread that is almost 17 meters long. Asha's hair, called “my baby” may protect her in some way, but on the other, it has its drawbacks: doctors say she has serious posture problems due to the weight of her hair. She may even be paralyzed if her spine curves to the point of spasm. Still, she claims she will never cut her hair.