Very rare white whale already has an albino mate

The male white whale Migaloo of the humpback whale species is no longer a complete rarity in the wild. It was originally identified in 1991 near the Australian coast, classified as an albino animal of the species. Recently, however, he was found swimming in the cold waters of Antarctica with a slightly smaller white fellow.

Scientists cannot say precisely whether it is a Migaloo puppy or another anomaly of the species. Migaloo is often accompanied by Australian scientists, precisely because it is, at least until then, considered an eccentricity of the species itself.

All humpback whales are protected by Australian law; Human contact is practically forbidden. The other Migaloo is sure to receive this same kind of treatment and follow-up.

Different flocks

The young white whale mate is part of a group of four animals (all with normal pigmentation), while Migaloo is often found in larger groups of whales - however, the two specimens meet regularly, according to trajectory studies of the group. .

Given the rarity of this type of animal, this finding is quite interesting to Australian biologists. The small white whale was temporarily named Migaloo Junior by the scientists themselves. Already the name "Migaloo" is a junction of two aboriginal terms, which basically means "White Companion".

Check out some photographs of the two rarities (unfortunately, none of them were photographed together):

Image Source: Reproduction / Discovery News

Image Source: Reproduction / Discovery News

Image Source: Reproduction / Discovery News