Soda is as bad for teeth as crack and cocaine

If you are in the habit of drinking a lot of soda and are those who forget that there is water, be prepared for the truth: it is as bad for your teeth as using illegal drugs. This is due to the presence of corrosive elements present in carbonated drinks.

Corrosion begins with the compromise of enamel, this film that gives shine and protects our teeth. Without this protection, our dental structure is more susceptible to tooth decay, tenderness, cracking and yellowing. Scientists say the abuse of soft drinks causes the same damage as perceived in those who use cocaine and crack.

The research worked on comparisons between the oral health of individuals who consumed a lot of carbonated drinks and those who were addicted to the drugs mentioned above. These people also admitted that they did not have good oral hygiene habits.


Image Source: Reproduction / Medikforum

The study's author, Mohamed A. Bassiouny, explained that each of the people evaluated has serious dental erosions and that this is directly related to the drugs they use: methamphetamine, crack and soda. One of the major problems with soda - in both normal and low-calorie dietary versions - is the presence of substances such as citric acid. Similarly, some drugs contain elements as acidic as this ingredient in overpopular drinks.

For the damage to be as worrisome as the harm in addiction, it would be enough for you to consume two liters of soda a day for three years, which can be common in many people's routine. The basic recommendation is to reduce your soda intake and increase your water intake. Isn't it time to change your habits a little bit?