Remela, spit, fart and other things that our body produces [video]

We have all heard a thousand times that the human body is a perfect machine, right? But have you ever wondered how he can be ... disgusting? The video above, produced by Aaron Rogers, gives the numbers of some biological processes needed for the human body to function. The video doesn't have Portuguese subtitles, but don't worry: all the data has been translated and you can check it below:

So, did you know, for example, that we produce enough saliva during our lives to fill 20 tubs? That remembers her - yuck! Is it a mixture of dust, skin cells, blood and other substances excreted by our body? That 6 years and 9 months of constant puns is enough to generate the same amount of energy as a nuclear bomb?

Also, the dirtiest part of our body is the mouth, and not necessarily because of the vocabulary! After all, over 700 different types of bacteria can be found living happily in the oral cavity. But the unpleasant peculiarities related to our body don't stop there:

  • The fastest growing nails are those of our infamous middle finger, and can grow up to 36 centimeters a year if not trimmed;
  • Urine is cleaner than facial skin or saliva, with almost no bacteria in its composition;
  • An overpowering sneeze can break ribs, but trying to prevent one of them from breaking can cause blood vessels in the brain or neck to rupture and cause death;
  • Only 10% of our body cells are human, and everything else - no less than 90 trillion microorganisms! It is formed by the bacteria that live inside us and cover us from head to toe.