Reporter almost hurts when taking picture of herself on baseball field

The image above is scary and, oddly enough, it wasn't edited by one of these cute apps, like Age Me or Make Me Zombie. Fox Sports reporter Kelly Nash knew that baseballs were flying everywhere as she took the picture, but not that it could have been hit by one of them while photographing herself.

The journalist narrowly missed a head injury caused by the ball hit during the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox teams. Fortunately, nothing happened and Nash emerged unscathed from this risky sport known as the “Instagram Profile Update”.

Film copy would have served as a lucky charm Image source: Reproduction / Kelly nash

According to the reporter, everything went well because she carried a kind of talisman in her backpack: a copy of the movie “Angels Enter the Field, ” which she bought on her way to the stadium. So if you don't have a lucky charm, here's the tip: When taking a picture of yourself, make sure you're in a safe environment.