Japanese restaurant combines technology and high speed to serve sushi

If you are a fan of Japanese food, you may have already visited one of those restaurants where customers sit around a large table with slow-moving mats for people to choose what they want to eat. For this kind of location seems to be quite common in Japan, although a new network - Uobei - has caught the eye for innovating in many ways.

Image Source: Reproduction / Kotaku

According to the Kotaku website, the company has opened a restaurant in Shibuya - one of Tokyo's neighborhoods - which, unlike the communal dining restaurants that feature tables and chairs around the main structure, only offers seats for customers to sit on. by a counter. Each place has a tablet through which consumers can place their orders.

Jet Sushi

Image Source: Playback / Time Out Tokyo

However, in addition to looking more like a cyber café than a restaurant, what draws the most attention is the high speed with which meals are delivered. From order completion, each sushi tray takes about one minute to serve, taking about eight seconds to slide over a distance of seven meters!

And after customers finish their sushi, simply push a button and the empty trays will be fired back into the kitchen. Each dish costs an average of ¥ 105 (about $ 2.40), so as you can imagine, they cannot be considered as a gourmet option. Anyway, if you like futuristic environments and sushi, it's worth a visit to Uobei and check it out.