Portrait "painted" by artificial intelligence goes to auction in the USA

Artificial intelligence is already used in many everyday applications, some more banal and others more constructive for society, but the new AI created by the French group Obvious is one of the most intriguing we have heard of recently. The software has been trained to “paint” portraits of people, and one of their works will be sold at auction in the US.

The painting titled "Portrait of Edmond Belamy" - an AI-created fictional person - could be completed in October at a session of Christie's auction house. Although the object is classified as art, its existence really invokes the people involved in the project to think about the meaning of the art itself. That's because, although Obvious's AI work is interesting to the human eye, the software can't express its feelings through this painting, just as an artist could in fact do.

painting ia

Painting done by Obvius group AI. Note the signature in the lower right corner

Either way, the painting will be the first AI-generated work to be auctioned in the world, but we still have no idea how much it might be worth when it is available for auction.

The AI ​​that created the painting was trained with over 15, 000 human-painted portraits from around the world made between the 14th and 20th centuries. An interesting detail is that the framework signature, rather than the name of the software creators, carries the algorithm they use in full.


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Portrait "painted" by artificial intelligence goes to US auction via TecMundo