Boston Dynamics 'robot dog' SpotMini goes on sale in 2019

The dream of having your own "Black Mirror" robot dog is closer than ever. That's because Boston Dynamics announced it will market about 100 SpotMini units in 2019. Confirmation came on Friday at a robotics conference hosted by TechCrunch .

Company founder Marc Raibert spoke about the inspiration to create the machine after confirming the start of sales. "The SpotMini robot was one of those motivated by what it could do in an office, in a more accessible space for commercial applications, and even in a home, " said the executive.

SpotMini was announced in November 2017 and is popular with its videos on the internet. He has already appeared to be kind to another robot and also in demonstrations of his autonomous navigation system. The friendly four-legged robot weighs about 30 kg, is 84 cm tall, can hold up to 14 kg and its full battery guarantees 90 minutes autonomy.

The company has not yet informed the price of its product and not a more accurate window for its arrival in stores.

Boston Dynamics 'robot dog' SpotMini goes on sale in 2019 via TecMundo