Russian spends hours in line to buy new iPhone and becomes a joke on the web

It's a tradition: Whenever Apple announces a new iPhone model, Homeric lines end up in front of its stores at launch. It was no different with the iPhone XS and XS Max, which went on sale in Russia on September 28. It turns out that things at the Apple Store in Moscow sort of got out of hand, and both store employees and reporters covering the event were able to witness a rather unusual situation.

First, as much as they were there for at least 24 hours before the sales start time, the first eight people in line left even before the gates were opened. They did not intend to buy the cell phone, but to sell their prominent posts for absurd prices - the first of them, whose name was not disclosed, was asking for no less than 500 thousand rubles (about R $ 30 thousand).

The second in line wanted less: “only” 400 thousand rubles (R $ 24 thousand). Since none of the eight smart guys managed to profit as planned, they tore their passwords and disappeared. And that's where Valery comes in, who, having previously been ninth, managed to be the first to enter the Apple Store. The Russian crossed the shop door, was applauded and photographed ... And began to hide his face with a cap.

Just missing the money

It turns out that while Valery was the only hard-headed enough to break into the Apple Store, he was also part of the group that was just "selling seats" - he didn't even have enough money to buy the gadget. To local reporters, the subject confessed to having bought the ninth place for 50 thousand rubles and intended to profit from a more expensive resale. The plans didn't work out, and he just walked around the store.

As we all know, the internet does not forgive. It wasn't long before Valery became a character in countless memes and went viral on Russian social networks.

The funniest thing is that the first Russian to actually buy an iPhone XS (512 GB, if the details matter to him) was a citizen identified as Anatoly, who, according to European media, queued just 2 and a half hours before. of the official release. That means that besides Valery, hundreds of other people were just there to take up space.

It became tradition

Just out of curiosity, Apple's releases are always marred by a slip or hilarious incident. In 2014, for example, the first US citizen to buy the iPhone 6 dropped the phone to the ground a few minutes after paying for it while conducting an interview - luckily, the phone was not scratched, but the individual certainly had to. visit a hospital later to check your heart health.

Already at the launch of iPhone X, a Brazilian took over the national headlines for having paid $ 250 ($ 800 at the time) to ensure a good place in line. In the end, he managed to bring the gadget for the equivalent of $ 4.2 thousand - a much more affordable value than the $ 7.8 that Apple Brazil was asking for in the national launch. Let's agree: you have to be a fan of cards to go through so many perrengues on a cell phone, right?


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